What’s a better gift than a nice, adorable picture? You can get it for yourself, your relative of choice or BFF. I currently am offering commissions, or, as I call it “putting YOUR dreams into paper,” and think you should all take advantage of the fact that I really need the money.

Here’s what I’m offering:

  • Good quality, fun art of whatever your heart desires (except furries, MPreg, and pregnant furries), including fanart, or original characters. 
  • ANIMATED GIFS. Yes, you read that right. Simple, cyclical character animation Gifs (this means I will design and animate a character for you).

Clean-rough monochromatic/shaded
Single character - $20
Extra character - $10

Clean, simple colors + cell shading
Single character - $50
Extra character $15

Elaborate, batshit insane illustration with background and soft-shading
1-2 characters - $100
Extra elements (animals, people,…) - $20

Single character - $50

- EVERYTHING WILL BE SENT AT 300 DPI (except the gifs, those will be tumblr-friendly).
- This is just a price guideline. I may end-up charging more or less, depending on the entire piece.
- I will NOT be sending you the original drawing. These are DIGITAL pieces. If you would like a physical copy, let me know beforehand so we can arrange that.
- If you would like me to do some resolution adjustments because you want to use the picture as your iphone wallpaper/computer wallpapaper/Facebook cover/twitter icon/… let me know and I will do that for you too.

e-mail at julieta.colas@gmail.com with full description of what you want.

  · F.A.Q. (you can always ask questions)

Hello! This is Julieta, a Mexican girl with a B.A. in Applied Linguistics (focusing in translation and interpretation), who then decided to follow her dreams and study Classical Animation at VFS. 

I am a freelance illustrator, and teaching Animation, and Character Design at two different Universities.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you wish ♥

When did you start drawing? Is it a talent? Did you have to work to get better at it?

I’ve been drawing since I can remember. As a matter of fact, my oldest memory is of me drawing a picture for my mom (that I was never satisfied with), but I didn’t really start “pursuing” it until I was around 14. Back then I wanted to be a writer, but all of my classmates told me I should make comics for a living. I don’t like reading, though, so I assumed my calling wasn’t in the books (BUT IF IT HAD OCCURRED TO ME THAT YOU CAN WRITE FOR TV, I PROBABLY WOULDN’T BE HERE).

There’s a lot of real artists who have talked about “talent.” I think most of us start off the same way, but those who keep drawing eventually get better. I normally say “I wish I was talented,” implying I wish I didn’t have to work as hard to improve. I don’t consider myself as such, I think I have worked hard (could work harder…) to get where I’m at.

What is your preferred media to work in?

Lineart: Traditional, baby! I just feel like I have more control of my canvas that way. Whatever mistake I make, I can fix later on photoshop, but I rather have my base on paper.
Colors: Digital, because I have all the colors of the wind right on my fingertips.

How would you describe your style?

JULIETA-STYLE!! It’s a mix of everything that’s inspired me: The whimsy of anime and manga, mixed with the desire to get away from that style and do something more “European-like,” while adopting bits and pieces from graphic-styled animation, and the stylish nature of J.C. Leyendecker. Also, according to some people “kind of gay.”

What inspires you?

Pretty boys, interesting lighting, stylish people and their stylish clothes (I actually get a lot of information about color palettes from watching other people’s attires), TV, my friend’s art.

What are you best known for?

On the internet: COMMUNITY fanarts, specifically, my Valentine’s Day cards. I used to do a bunch of original stuff, and I guess Engelen and Raph were pretty well-known amongst my friends circle :B

Out in the real world: uh… COMMUNITY fanarts? And that book I illustrated, I guess.

Besides “Community,” what other shows do you like?

Right now I’m watching “MAD MEN,” and “Legend of Korra” (does “The Soup” count? I never miss that!!). I also watch SNL pretty often, and like 30 Rock. Other shows I love dearly are “Hey Arnold!” “AVATAR: The Last Airbender,” “Rocko’s Modern Life,” and a shitload of anime (my favorite is “BERSERK”).

Are you planning on taking over all of North America with your mad Canada/ US/ Mexico skills???

… shhhhhhhh secret.