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Actress Gillian Jacobs and writer Megan Ganz as children reading Roald Dahl and being BFFs. Inspired by this conversation.

I feel like I need to mention that these two ladies are some of the people I admire the most on TV right now: Gillian is extremely talented, adorable, down-to-earth, and you can tell she is grateful of her job and for our love and she has somehow managed to make out with two of my biggest celebrity crushes more than once WHAT!? And Megan just writes like it’s nobody’s business (I mean, how many people can go “my dream job is to write for the Onion” and then be doing just that almost right after college, and then going “oh, I’ll stay in LA only if I can write for COMMUNITY” and then write their first spec and BAM!! There they are, writing some of the best episodes of the show).

I consider myself extremely lucky for having been able to meet them back in March, and hope to get the chance to see them again… and then ruin everything by going all Dolan Duck on them